Happy New Year from all of us at Cruiser Cats!

We trust that you have all enjoyed the holiday season with family and friends and we hope that some of you were able to go boating during this time. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2017! The entire Cruiser Cats team is back at the factory after a well deserved break and everyone is optimistic and excited as to what the new year may bring ....hopefully lots of sales!

logoTo bring you up to date as to what has been happening at the Cruiser Cats factory over the last 6 months, and as some of our social media followers and friends might already know is that we launched a new Havana 42 Express Powercat, "Pier Pressure" in September last year. This boat was custom designed for a client and was delivered successfully, on her own bottom, to her new home in Tanzania, on the East Coast of Africa, some 2,000 nautical miles from Cape Town where her journey began. The delivery Captain was in awe of this beautiful power catamaran and so impressed with her build, layout and space on board that he could not stop praising Cruiser Cats for designing such an amazing catamaran. He has delivered many catamarans all over the world and rates "Pier Pressure" right up there as one of the best catamarans he has sailed. It's always nice to hear good things about the yachts that we build as we take great pleasure and pride in building them.

Cruiser Cats also attended the Annapolis Powerboat Show and the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in the USA in October last year and had the Havana 42 Flybridge powercat on display.

Some exciting news is that we have re-designed the hull of the Havana 42 Powercat with the help of our naval architect, Nigel Black. The main difference is that the beam will now be 6.084m / 19'98" feet which is two feet wider than its predecessor. We have also widened and lowered the chine, and the outer and inner sides of the hull flair out slightly more than the previous hull design. This will give us quite a bit more space inside the boat to make a few desired interior upgrades. The draft is also expected to be a lot less on the Havana 42's and we will gain a few extra knots in speed. The new hull mould is complete and we will be ready to start laying up the new hull soon. Follow our Facebook page for regular updates and photos.

The Miami Boat Show is coming up next month and we will have our demo Havana 42 Flybridge on display at the show which runs from February 16 – 20, 2017 at the Miami Marine Park & Stadium. As this is our stock boat and we have a new one coming out later this year, we have significantly reduced the asking price on this boat in order to sell it. This is a great buy for anyone looking to buy a power catamaran. Contact us for more information. A dedicated team, Cruiser Cats are always on hand to meet with interested clients and to answer any questions and back up sales with good after-sales service.

From all of us a Cruiser Cats, we wish you much happiness on the water and we thank you for your continued support! It's a good year to make your boating dreams come true.


Crafted to Perfection

Cruiser Cats is a yacht manufacturer of luxury power catamarans based in Cape Town, South Africa. Established in 2008, the company was founded by Clark E. Boeken, a prominent businessman from Texas, USA, and boating enthusiast with the vision of creating a South African based company to produce the highest quality power yachts for the international market.
Manufacturers of the only express power catamaran on the market, the Havana 40 (previously the Havana 38). This impressive, sleek and stylish designed power catamaran offers the ultimate in indoor and outdoor living. Cruiser Cats also manufacture the Havana 42 powercat, a more modern power catamaran, perfect for cruising long distances.
All our boats are built to CE standards with top quality finishes and equipped to the highest specifications focusing on attention to detail and quality. You can experience the tranquility and thrill of life at sea with our cruising catamarans as they are very fuel efficient and competitively priced. We are proud to invite you aboard our beautiful catamarans and would love to welcome you as part of our Cruiser Cats family.