" We had been visiting the local, South African boat shows for +/- 5 years. Unfortunately, Cruiser Cats never exhibited at the South African shows as they chose to exhibit at some of the US boat shows taking place at the same time, otherwise we would have found our match much sooner.

We finally, out of desperation settled on a little 32ft Cat. Fortunately my husband as a last attempt contacted Cruiser Cats and made the deal of a lifetime.

That started our monthly adventure flying down to Cape Town and being part of this amazing dream that Cruiser Cats were creating specifically for our needs. They were very supportive in guiding us and advising us every step of the way, and co-operative in doing the necessary bending when we had different ideas to the norm.

We live far from the ocean and specifically wanted a yacht for dam/inland water use, so we can go yachting every weekend.

Cruiser Cats were obliging in accommodating our needs by taking some of the normal specifications and equipment off of the Havana 40 and in doing so we created our boat equipped to do exactly what we needed to cruise around the +/- 900km shoreline of the Vaal dam in South Africa.

We downsized the engines to twin 42hp diesel motors that can do 10 knots. The optimum cruising speed is 7 knots and uses just over 3 litres per hour for BOTH engines. What a pleasure!

We don’t need a generator because we’ve got shore power. The battery backup system is more than sufficient for the little power we might use if we decide to anchor overnight in one of the many little bays and coves around the dam.

We specifically wanted a light interior, and so choosing to move away from the traditional dark cherry finish. We limited the light coloured wood finish to the saloon only, and opted for the clean and crisp fibreglass finish in the cabins.

For our purposes we didn’t require all the sophisticated marine navigational equipment either. The GPS with our dam’s maps on are more than sufficient.

We added the extension on the original cockpit canopy since that’s where we plan to spend most of our time. We also opted to convert the two forward cabins into the one large master cabin. The guest aft cabins are spacious and perfect. The vanities in the aft cabins are stunning and beautiful. After much deliberation we also upgraded to the electrical heads, which turns out to be one of the best decisions we could have made!

We preferred to do away with the bar in the saloon to rather accommodate a larger fridge in that space to store the beers and wine. The galley storage is more than enough for all the rest. In doing so we freed the original fridge space in the galley and got a spacious grocery cupboard instead.

In all the above changes Cruiser Cats were 100% accommodating and flexible. The fibreglass is perfectly smooth and she cruises like a dream. If we ever had to upgrade, Cruiser Cats would be our first choice! I do, however, seriously doubt we’ll ever upgrade since UzZy is simply perfect.

We started off with a Havana 40 Deluxe and after down grading it to our unique needs, the Havana 40 “Lite” was born. We’re proud to have been part of this amazing creation.

Thank you Clark, Shereen, Carl and the whole Cruiser Cats team for creating this perfect dream yacht for us. "

- York & Ulza Zonneveld, Havana 40 Powercat

Crafted to Perfection

Cruiser Cats is a yacht manufacturer of luxury power catamarans based in Cape Town, South Africa. Established in 2008, the company was founded by Clark E. Boeken, a prominent businessman from Texas, USA, and boating enthusiast with the vision of creating a South African based company to produce the highest quality power yachts for the international market.
Manufacturers of the only express power catamaran on the market, the Havana 40 (previously the Havana 38). This impressive, sleek and stylish designed power catamaran offers the ultimate in indoor and outdoor living. Cruiser Cats also manufacture the Havana 42 powercat, a more modern power catamaran, perfect for cruising long distances.
All our boats are built to CE standards with top quality finishes and equipped to the highest specifications focusing on attention to detail and quality. You can experience the tranquility and thrill of life at sea with our cruising catamarans as they are very fuel efficient and competitively priced. We are proud to invite you aboard our beautiful catamarans and would love to welcome you as part of our Cruiser Cats family.